How to maintain “Unit of Measure” and “conversion Factor”, in Contracts and Scheduling Agreements

If you are facing problems while doing the Good Receipt (GR) because of wrong data, this could be useful to you.

This happens because the Order Unit (or its conversion factor) was changed after the Contract/PSA was created. Here you can find out how to correct it.


You are going to deal with mass modification transactions. You should be EXTREMELY CAREFUL!!

Check #1 Verify if the data is correct in the Material Master:

Transaction MM03 > Purchasing View > Additional Data

Alternative unit of measure is the same as Order Unit

And the conversion factor is correct

Check #2 Check the table EKPO

Go to transaction SE16N, enter the Material Number and the “Deletion Indicator” = <empty>

As you can see, data are different if you compare the Material Master (MM03) and the Contract/PSA Data:

(SAP doesn’t show the conversion factor in the ME33K / ME33L transaction, unfortunately)

Check #3 Enter the Scheduling Agreement (ME32L) and check if there are documents linked to it

To allow this procedure, no subsequent documents can exist. Check it by pressing these 2 buttons:

No PO history:

If there are purchase history, deliveries, invoices, etc… they should be reversed.

In this case, there are Delivery Schedules:

They should be deleted, using transaction code ME38:

So… transaction: ME38

Enter the same Scheduling Agreement number:

Select the item, then press “Delivery Schedule (F2)”

Change these quantities to zero, and then press “enter”:

All deleted, press “Save (Ctrl-S)”:

Every check is done now, we can proceed to the changes.


The next steps are about the changes you are going to do. Again: please watch out!

Change the Info Record (Transaction ME12):

Enter the correct data (Material / Vendor / Purchasing Org. / Plant):

Change the Order Unit and press “Enter”

The system will shot a lot of warnings:

Press “Enter” after every warning

The system will copy the correct data from the Material Master

Click on “Yes”

(the warnings continue…)

Save it (Ctrl-S):

(more warnings…)

Info Record is updated

Update Contract and Scheduling Agreement:

If you have access to transactions MEMASSSA and MEMASSCONTRACT, please continue to follow this guide.

If these transactions are not allowed to you, you can either ask someone to do the next steps, or follow the steps:

  • Delete the Scheduling Agreement item
  • Delete the Contract item
  • Create a new Contract item (be sure that the new line item has correct unit)
  • Create a new Scheduling Agreement item (using Contract as reference)
  • Create (or check) the Source List, if it’s updated.
  • Communicate everyone, to whom the SA matters: suppliers, procurement team, etc…

Transaction MEMASSSA (Mass Maintenance for Scheduling Agreements):

You will get a lot of warnings, and there is a good reasons: you are not allowed to make mistake in this transaction.

Select “Scheduling Agreement Item”, then select tab “Fields”:

Click the binoculars to search for the “Order Unit” field:

Select both Order Unit and Order Price Un.:

Then press “Execute (F8)”

More warnings…

Fill in with the Scheduling Agreement number and SA Item:

The system will perform a selection, after you press “Execute (F8)”:

System shows you the current value.

Type the new value, CAREFULLY!

After triple-check, press “Save (Ctrl-S)”:

System will warn you again…

If the system doesn’t find any problem, modifications were done:

Check the Table again, in transaction SE16N:

You will notice that not only the Order Unit has changed, but also the conversion factor:

We repeat the process, using transaction MEMASSCONTRACT:

Select the “Contract Item”, then the tab “Fields”:

Select desired fields, then press “Execute (F8)”:

Fill in with the correct Contract data (Number and Item), and double-check!

The system will perform a selection, to allow you to change these items.

Press “Execute (F8)”:

Change the values, triple-check!! then press “Save (Ctrl-S)”:

(did I tell you to check it?)


Changes are done

now let’s check the table:

Check the table again, you will see that the data is now correct:

Press refresh (F8):

Last step:

Now, communicate everyone linked to this issue:

  • Procurement
  • Vendor (supplier)
  • GR Responsible
  • Finance
  • Etc..

Specially if the SA number has changed.

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