MN05 – Default Printer for PO (Purchase Orders)

How to set up default printer for POs

When you create a new PO (Purchase Order), there is a printer associated to it. In SAP, each PO can have a different printer. This post shows you how to set up a default printer, in case of: automatic PO creation, or if in the moment you create it, you don’t change the printer.

Transaction MN05:

Enter the transaction MN05

Press F4 or click on the square right to the “Output Type” field:

and select the PO type you are using currently:

The press “enter”.

You will be asked to choose the “Key combination”. In this case, please choose “Purchasing output determination: Document type/”:


Fill in Purchasing Doc. Type and  Purch. Organization:

Then press “Execute (F8)”

Now, select the entry and press “Communication” button:

Make sure that the “Output Device” is the right printer:

then press “Save” button:


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