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LSMW – tips and tricks 1

You need to update thousands of objects (material, vendor, equipment, BOM, … ), but you are not sure if some field should be updated or not. So, my tip is: leave the decision to your source file. (if you don´t know how … Continue reading

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How to migrate Favorites

Are you migrating to a new SAP system and you want to keep your Favorites? Here is how to migrate them:   Go to your legacy system. In the initial screen, click “Favorites > Download to PC”   Save it … Continue reading

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How to migrate Queries – problem solved!

SAP provides a nice program to migrate queries: you can download the query elements (Usergroup, Infoset and the Query) in a text file, and upload in another SAP system. However, not all SAP systems are 100% compatible with others SAP versions. … Continue reading

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LSMW – tutorial (using Recording)

LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) is a powerful tool to execute mass transactions, specially Data Migration. In this tutorial, I will give you an example, the simplest I could find. This will allow you to create your first LSMW mass … Continue reading

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Mass change Conversion Factor

When you create a Vendor Contract (and a Purchasing Scheduling Agreement), the system makes a copy of Material Master data. If you change the Material Master, the Contract/PSA will not be changed. This is a problem, because all the Goods … Continue reading

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How to create a quick report using transaction SQVI

Sometimes you need to extract information from one or more SAP tables, and you don’t have a standard report. So, if you don’t have time or resources to develop an ABAP report, transaction SQVI can be a solution.   In … Continue reading

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MN05 – Default Printer for PO (Purchase Orders)

How to set up default printer for POs When you create a new PO (Purchase Order), there is a printer associated to it. In SAP, each PO can have a different printer. This post shows you how to set up … Continue reading

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